Some tips for dealling with the spam on Glitch

If you have used the search feature on Glitch recently, you have probably seen some on the spam. I have been informed that glitch is working on cleaning it up, so here are some tips I have for them:

  • Add CAPTCHAs on signup
  • Make links in bios unclickable
  • Flag accounts that have keywords like “movies” or “download”
  • Limit the number of characters that can be in a user bio

Removing links from bios would be huge as its probably the reason that spam comes to Glitch. (you can read a bit more on mass backlinking and black hat SEO here)


but how it spam? the link they put are dangerous?

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Yep. They are.


Yes. Some of these links may contain viruses.


ok. that would be cool YouTube video of idea. Someone will test link of on other computer or virtualized machinery

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