Sqlite Database deleted, dosen't get restored with rewind

project name is dnd-living-world-bot
so i ran into some problems with a discord bot i made, i tried fixing it and in the progresse got my database deleted, it was saved in the .data folder, i then to restore it tried to rewind but still got nothing.
is there anything that can be done to get back a older version of the database, it dosen’t get channged much so even a old one is better then nothing

Hi @mathias0903,

We can restore your project to one of the backups we currently have in the system. We have ones that go back as far as Dec 4th. If you reply with a date/time that you need your project restored to, I can find the backup that is closest to that time.

JUST NOTE: If you want one of the older backups, please do not edit your project further. This could push the oldest backup(s) we have for your project off our system, making them no longer available.

so i would want the newest backup from before the 29th.

i gusse my first message was a bit misleading on that point, im sorry about that.
Thanks for the help i appericiate it, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Has it been done as of yet? If not is there a estimate on when?

hi @mathias0903 - i’ve just restored your project to a backup from before the 29th, as per your request. it was created “2019-12-28T17:18:06.000Z”