SSL on Custom Domain

Hi. I recently added a custom domain to my Glitch project.
Is there a way to enable SSL with my custom domain? I have a self-signed certificate already.

if you add your domain to glitch through, then you can get SSL without a self signed cert, which is fully approved!

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Doesn’t cost money?

No, its completely free of cost!
Just login (after signing up) then head to (must be logged in or the page does not show up)

You will have to get your custom domain that you added to glitch removed, so you can re-add it using
( @glitch_support )

I tried deleting and re-creating the glitch projects (without the custom domain) and still marks them as taken. I’ve e-mailed support about this.

I think the issue with removing the custom domain is actually on the Glitch end – a support staff member should be able to help you get it removed

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Hi @ElliottLMz, welcome to the Glitch forum!

There are two parts to removing a custom domain record - there’s data on the Glitch side and data on the Fly side. If you let us know the project and custom domain we can take care of all of that for you, or if Fly helps you out with the Fly side we’ll still need to remove the records on our side of things.


  • * (, maybe also
  • * (,

Projects: (i’ve deleted + recreated them under the same name, but they were called):

  • pavilion-corporate
  • pavilion-legal (now renamed to pavilion-policy)

Glitch Username: ElliottMozley

Hey @cori, I was wondering if you had the chance to see my above reply. I haven’t gotten a reply from fly support so was wondering if there’s something you could do. Cheers.

hey @ElliottLMz - i just removed those two domains for you!


For anyone landing on this page from Google, it looks like Glitch now automatically supports SSL - but it takes some time to auto-generate the cert (using Let’s Encrypt). So if you’re getting errors with your new custom domain, give it about 5-10 minutes.