Starting projects for new programmers


I’m hoping to get some suggestions for starting projects for

  1. simple JavaScript projects with no server side.

  2. simple server side projects to begin learning server side programming.


This is a pretty cool starting point for a glitch with no server side:!/creative-theme?

For the server side stuff, what do you want to do? It gets easier if you say “I want to do X” and then figure out how to do that one task.



As for what I want to do, that is a good question because I’m not really looking for it to do anything particular. Just something simple and engaging for students to learn some JavaScript basics and for an intro to server side programming. Any engaging suggestions would be great as examples but I am also looking for the most simple/fundamental template (project as starting point) to explain how the various components interact.


The basic “dreams” glitch is super simple and it does NOT pass anything through from “server side” to the “front end”. Seems like Glitch didn’t want to bake in any specific templating language into their base example. (Templating seems a perennially fragmented world, so that makes sense.) Glitch’s recommendations for a template language include nunjucks, which is from Mozilla and is demo’ed here in a riff on the basic “dreams” glitch:!/nunjucks-dreams

Most server-side things I do have to do with uploading an image, so I’ll plug this glitch:!/picam

And an image-manipulating one:!/pixelatize (this one’s all client side)


Seems like I chose a loaded term with “template”. All I meant by this term in my reply was a basic starting point project. Thanks again for the suggestions.

#6 walks folks through a server-side example project, and provides an interactive way of learning basic JavaScript.