Static generated site stuck in starting

I remixed glitch-in-bio and it has been working but today I went to edit settings.json to add a new link and now when I load the page it is stuck in “Starting… To keep Glitch fast for everyone, inactive projects go to sleep and wake up on request.” I still have "projectType": "generated_static" in package.json and I haven’t really changed much from the original.

Is there a log where I can look for errors? The log in the edit UI doesn’t show anything weird. My understanding is static generated pages don’t need to start at all.

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Hey Jason, the logs tab in the editor should show you when things are going wrong with your project, but taking a look at those, it seems like things are generally behaving fine within the container your app runs in while you’re using the editor. There appears to be something wrong in the process of making the live version of your app available to the internet.

Static generated sites don’t need to “start” on an ongoing basis because once they’re uploaded to our static host we can easily serve from there, but there is a startup process that needs to happen whenever you edit the site and leave the editor open-- we serve directly from the container until your editing session goes to sleep so that your changes are immediately visible instead of showing up on a delay after we manage to build & upload to static hosting.

I’d say try remixing this project into a new one and see if that works, but if you continue to have trouble, send in a request to so we can take a closer look. Sorry that things aren’t behaving properly!


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