Still disappointed with Glitch pricing

Waited so long for pricing to show up and even after so much waiting, we got only 5 projects boost. Do you think we should do only 5 big projects in our life? :smiley:
Or, should we keep opening multiple Glitch accounts to manage our projects?
Doesn’t make any sense. Don’t understand why it was hard to come up with a little heavier pricing with heavier resources when pricing flow is already done.

Hi @rehmat!

Fair point. We get that folks will want to use boosted powers on more than five apps. That’s why subscribers can switch out the apps in their boosted collection an much as they like.

True, that’s not the same as what you are looking for above, but this is our first paid product. We have more cool things in the works! So be on the lookout and thanks for your feedback!


And @tasha @rehmat, I’m moving this to #feedback!

just create a second account and boost that too.
paid node hosting at this price and with those features is actually pretty cheap compared to others hosters, so i recommend stacking accounts to boost more projects. if you have gmail, you should be able to do the ±trick so you don’t get lost about accounts. i recommend the staff to offer something similar (selling boost-packs of maybe 1, 2 or 5 apps or something)

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Already mentioned multiple accounts.
But, the point is when developers can boost 5 Apps for $10, and they can create 2 accounts to boost 10 Apps for $20, why it is difficult for Glitch pricing to allow that in single account itself.
May be allow to boost 1 App for $2 … 2 for $4 … 3 for $6 … n?

I agree with different boost packs, it will solve the problem for developers who need many projects and resources.

Any news on this?
I really love Glitch so working with ALL critical projects on Glitch will be awesome.

Hey, you could try emailing them directly at!

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