Storing images off Glitch

Hello! This is my first post on the website. I’ve been looking at a few posts and have gotten nowhere in my search…

I have a Wikipedia-style website in which I store images on Glitch. Since the number of pages has been growing, I’m running out of storage space. I know even if I purchase the upgrade, I’ll still run out of space. Are there any good ways to store hundreds of images off of Glitch to prevent hitting the storage cap which can be accessed with a URL?


Maybe Amazon S3, I think that’s what Glitch themselves use for asset storage. You get some space on the free tier, if you want to try it out. Cloudflare also offers an API-compatible service called R2.

I wonder if @Warm_Wooly means uploading images in the source tree (or .data or so on) or uploading them as assets. Some of my projects use a lot of assets but never had a storage issue (or you may have a reason to keep the images within the source tree)

I was thinking it was about uploading images to the source tree. only project members can upload assets, and they refer to “Wikipedia-style,” which I believe refers to letting website users edit the site.

assets are a good place to store site images that you provide yourself though. you get like a gigabyte right?

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Hey, sorry for the delay! I’d like to help clarify a few things:

  • The website is Wikipedia-style in presentation only. There is no web-based server to upload pages, but rather a Discord server and companion website to share pages which are manually added to a .js file.

  • I store all images in assets to prevent them from being lost due to link rot. There’s currently around 800+ images and other assets of varying sizes on the main site. I think the storage size for assets is half a gig or so.

  • I’ve also checked out Amazon S3 and Cloudflare R2 and I might consider them as potential options, but for the meantime I’ve created another “website” to store more images as there is no hard limit to the number of pages that I’ve seen.

I can answer any other questions and share the link to the site if needed. Thank you @naotohieda and @wh0 for responding!