MediaWiki on glitch

Project URL: Removed because of inapproiate stuff and mean people
Previously I made wordpress on glitch which had database issues and the database kept getting erased for some reason. Now luckily when I was installing mediawiki it gave me an option to use sqlite which is much easier for glitch. Also you get 30mb of space for data in this installation.
Q: What’s the username and password for admin
Username: admin
Password: mediawikionglitch
Q: I don’t want to copy this open instance THAT HAS INAPPORIATE STUFF
A: If you don’t want the current instance you can use this backup I made before this post.

Basically remix it and yay you have a mediawiki post. I had to stop writing this because this happended to my pc

Ok also make your project private so people can’t steal your data and for security
During times like this, it might be a bit useful to use this for worldbuilding(check out the stackexchange worldbuilding),

Erm… Is it private…?

EDIT- it’s awesome! A bit like the dosbox wiki

I’m so jealous!! I tried installing this the other day but I ran out of space. :confused:
I was installing it from git vs a tarball and that may have been why.

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Even if you tried installing from tarball it would run out of disk space. I put the tar in /tmp and extracted it. Then I stripped out all of the non-English languages to save 30mb. Then I could sort of install, but I ran out of disk space right when the install started. I realized since mediawiki could use SQLite I could just throw the MySQL away so I did do that and removed started MySQL from the starting script.

When you remix a project it’s has an effect similar to running refresh so when you remix it glitch JUST realizes that you’ve got a lot of files and starts freezing. Luckily everything starts up alright all you need to do is make sure your project is private.

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Fixed the private issue sorry, had to test something but forgot to undo it.

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okay, it would be great for making wikis!

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Thanks! It looks awesome and I can’t wait to use it!

I found a glitch with the wiki where it keeps redirecting to the original glitch project probaly because to prevent phishing. If you set it up, you might want to open a terminal and delete a file called local settings.php or something like that.

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it’s still private or renamed

So how did you set it up? Did you upload the files to github and then import?

I put the tar in /tmp and then stripped out all the languages except english varations from there.

the project is private

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Fixed it, you should be able to remix it. I recommend you open up the terminal without using the editor and remove LocalSettings.php(or whatever the file was called) to get a fresh new install.

IMPORTANT: Go to LocalSettings.php in the terminal with a editor like nano or vim and replace every occurrence of sphenoid-tundra-scarer with your project name to prevent redirects to the original project.

Can’t seem to remix it.

I’ve been able to remix it, but the editor crashes when I open it. I’ve tried on two different computers. Wiki.js works however!

Yeah for now the editor crashes but hosts it correctly, I have a thread about making projects private without openning them so you can make them private and try to configure everything from the site and terminal

sigh I knew someone was gonna do that. Please feel free to use one of the archives of the system and if you need it I’ll reupload it here.
Most services don’t allow you to store it forever and I’m out of drive space

You could upload it to glitch cdn.

Good point everyone hates 2mb per second download speed anyways. Is it normal for programmers not to bother buying any download speed faster than 10mbps? Anyways here’s the link