Suspended project due to high node-modules

Hello there, i kinda need to get my project back as soon as possible!
Project: Glitch :・゚✧

Thank you, Lucky!

Hi @LuckyTarget

I am sorry that your project was suspended for exceeding the Node space limit.

Glitch projects have a 1GB limit for Node modules.

When a project exceeds this limit, we cannot re-open it because our system will automatically detect the exceeded limit and instantly re-suspend the project.

:bulb: To fix this:

  1. Go to the project and Download Your Project to your computer.
  2. From there, you can open the files locally on your computer and remove any Node modules that pushed the project over the limit.
  3. After you do this, you can upload the code to a new project in Glitch.
  4. Optional: After you have created a new project with the updated code, let us know if you would like to re-use the project name of the suspended app. You can do this by sending us a support request.
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Is there anyway to install all npm packages that me project wants instead of using “npm install”?

Also is it possible to clear my project so I can use it again from the beginning?

There isn’t a way to clear a project that has been suspended for exceeding the Node module space.

When you are ready to start installing npm packages in a project again, you can do so by:

  1. Clicking on the project’s package.json file
  2. Using the Add Package button

Hi tasha… can I get a bit of clarification here because it doesn’t quite seem right?

I am no where near the limit but would like a bit more detail on what’s up. If Lucky deletes the node_modules folder and simply runs npm install again we would expect it to grow to it’s current size again which obviously won’t run.

If he/she instead commented any code that referenced whatever huge library is being used (removing the dependency) and didn’t include it in package.json, then deleted the node_modules folder and only then ran npm install are you saying it wouldn’t run then?

We get if the 1GB is exceeded it can’t run but this isn’t a permanent flag right? Or is it?

Does anyone know about node-prune and could it work in this case?

The issue is that if we unsuspend a project that was automatically suspended for hitting the node_modules limit, it will again get suspended automatically before they have a chance to remove any of the packages. We know this is not the best scenario for a creator who has hit the limit, but it’s the best “solution” we have at the moment.

Ok I get it now, “suspend” didn’t just mean “run” it means one can’t get to the editor to even fix the issue? But download still works because one can get there without opening the project.

I’m sure you don’t want to do it but you could optionally delete the node_modules folder (it seems). The project would be under the limit and wouldn’t run but the user could get inside. I assume you folks have discussed an “on / off” switch as well. When I don’t want the project to run because I’m housecleaning I have to resort to “trickery”…