Timeline of your Glitch projects

Turns out today is my 3rd anniversary on this forum(!)

…and I’ve just been tweaking a project I started a long time ago:


Here’s a really zoomed-out screenshot:

It uses the Glitch API to get a timeline of a user’s projects (mine, currently) based on createdAt time and updatedAt time. If a project was just touched on a single day, it appears as a spot.

You could remix it, then change the User ID in the fetch call in index.html!

  • Vue does some data binding
  • d3 and d3 timeline do the sweet graphing

Timeline doesn’t give any project details, but I have another site for that at https://stegriff.glitch.me

It’s really fun to look back on three years of Glitch projects!

Let me know if you remix it, I’d love to see your graph! :smiley:



@stegriff, this above look like a 1980s drinking cup, i guess.

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Here’s a bug

The timeline dates are mushed together on mobile


Nice! Your timeline looks great!

Oh, ha… yeah, good spot… #WontFix :laughing:

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I was out last week, so belated happy 3 years in the forum - we love to have you here!


Suggestion, make a url parameter for the user id :), then it’s a easily sharable link without no remix required.


For all the people who don’t want to remix it :wink:

'aight try this go to the link below except change the USERNAME to your username
then copy the id: value and go to this link and paste your id in the input box and press enter


uh oh i hope they fix it :upside_down_face:

This is a great hack, well done!

It wouldn’t be too hard to change it to an input box that is bound to the Vue model if you wanted to learn a little Vue… :slight_smile:

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