/tmp/craft - A constantly resetting Minecraft server on Glitch


What even is this?

To be honest with myself, I don’t know. On a serious note, this is a project that spins up a Minecraft server with ViaVersion, ViaRewind, and ViaBackwards. Everything is stored in the /tmp folder so every few hours, the world is reset

How do I join?

Visit the project URL and connect to the URL. 1.17.1 works best, but all versions of Java is supported because of the Via* plugins. This server is using 1GB ram (as of writing, which is 1024MB). For me while running it’s slow when first joining but fairly decent after a few moments.

Before joining:

While the server is loading:

While playing:

Yeah, only one person can play at a time lol

How do I run this myself?

First, the legal stuff:
By running this you agree to the Mojang AB EULA. You may view it HERE. You also agree to the Glitch ToS which you may view HERE. If you are not running this on Glitch, you are not bound to the Glitch ToS.

Just remix it here! :). Adjust the startup script in install.sh if you aren’t boosted to something around 512M

Modify NGROK_AUTH_TOKEN to your ngrok token if you using Glitch.

The clone folder contains persistent and gets copied on bootup. Place plugins, op users, server properties, and startup world files here!


what if that person doesn’t leave (like keeping the tab open 24/7)? we cant join then?

Well, it could run 5 people, but really struggles at one so…

oh alright

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