Tools/ Logs Error Showing; unsure what the problem is

Hi all. So I have five bots made for Discord through Glitch and they all have the EXACT same coding. However, only two of my five boosted bots are working. Three of them continue to go offline and the Logs receives an ‘Error’ message. I’ve downloaded all of the new packages that Glitch releases, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to why these error messages continue to show up.

I’ve attached an image of the error I’m receiving from one of my bots. I’m hoping someone might have an answer as to what’s gone wrong?


I should also mention I’ve attempted the debugger and it won’t open or load.

Have you definitely addedthe node-fetch package to your package.json? That’s almodt always the reason for this error.


Or you can simply run npm i node-fetch in the terminal. :grin:


I’m fairly sure I have. It says all the packages are up to date?

Can you see node-fetch in your package.json file?

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I do not, weirdly…

You need to use the ‘Add Package’ button on the package.json file and then search and select node-fetch. Your error will be fixed.

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