Trying to import Github Angular 2/4 project


Has anybody been able to import an Angular 4 project (not the quickstart) and run it?

I have a github project made with Angular 4 that I’m trying to host on here. I’m able to import the files but for some reason the package.json is blank. (also really new to Angular and Node) Whenever I run npm install it causes errors. I was able to import the Angular Quickstart and install it fine, however, my personal project does not work.

Does anyone have a solution?


What is the project name on Glitch?


I don’t have the project anymore sadly, and glitch won’t let me import the github project any longer. However, after messing around for awhile I found that were issues happening involving the angular cli. When I created a project without the cli it worked fine, but anything with the cli was causing issues for some reason.