"Uh, Oh" - why not reconnecting


Everyone here knows this big red sign starting with “Uh, oh”, that notices us about connection problem and that we have to copy&paste our changes to keep them.

But here is the question: why doesn’t it keep trying to get the server response? Why not to try reconnecting more, more and more times?

If the user still has been having a connection issue, Glitch could alert() on window close/reload/etc. That’ll block user from going away because alerts stop any process execution on page.

It freaks me out when I do my stuff and, accidentally, the editor just freezes and the “red sign” shows up in the middle of the work.


Hey @jarvis394 thanks for the feedback!

We run into the reconnecting problem with some regularity ourselves and improving the Editor’s stability is one of our top priorities right now. I don’t know when we’ll have anything ready to release, but it is high in our planned tasks.

Sorry for the bother!

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