Unable to clone repo from github

I can’t glone a public fork from Github, it says that the repo I’m trying to clone is private. This isn’t correct, so I’m not sure what the issue is here.

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Hi @CTHobbit

I’m sorry that you had difficulty cloning that repo. I just tried and was able to clone the project. Were you able to change the permissions on GitHub?

If not, and you are still having trouble, please let us know the steps you are taking and at what point you are receiving the error.

I click “new project” then
“clone from Git repo” then
enter “https://github.com/CTHobbit/boilerplate-npm.git” then
I get error "It is not possible to create the project. The project you are remixing is private.

Thanks for that info @CTHobbit!

Strange, those are the exact same steps I used. I know this might sound like a silly suggestion but, have you tried cloning the project using a different web browser, or on a different device?

I’ll have to try that later I suppose.

I can’t even create a glitch express project, not even trying to clone a project, without getting the same error. Is there a way to delete my glitch account and start over?

@CTHobbit Yes I can delete your account for you. Before I do, please just reply here to confirm that you do want me to go ahead and delete it.

You know what, I was able to follow some alternate instructions. I couldn’t clone the repo, but I’ve got my project going, so don’t do that right now. We can mark this closed I guess :slight_smile:

You know what? This is persisting, can you please delete my account and I’ll try starting over?

Sure @CTHobbit

Your account has now been deleted. If you continue to have this problem on your new account and need additional help, let us know!

Hurray! Someone else was wondering about it. I noticed the same issue, as I’ve been wanting to clone my Poetry Generator over.

To go into more specifics: basically what’s going on it seems to be stalling after I’ve cloned it, sometime in the middle of the process.

Sometimes my own issues may just be my computer being old though.

Not sure if their issue was similar.

Update: Did it again, and it managed to go through.

Second Update: I’m noticing a trend in what seems to work and not work, at least in my repositories. Most of the problems seem to stem from how deep your folders go in your program file. In my older projects, I tend to use stich together a bunch of smaller programs to save space on one file.

So simply making your project shallower and more narrow might resolve some issues. It might change how i do AI though.

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Issue seems to be recurring again. When I click on clone Repository, it goes to a normal Javascript based page, without repository I wanted to clone to even clone.

Help! This bug is recurring! I’m using this functionality to clone from repo in a course I created about APIs.

Many students are getting this error.

New Project >> Clone from git repo >> https://github.com/craigsdennis/intro-to-apis-node.git

Figured out a workaround:

If you are getting this error, in the Glitch app that is created choose “Tools >> Extras >> Git Import and Export >> Import from GitHub” when prompted enter “craigsdennis/intro-to-apis-node”

@craigsdennis - I’m sorry that you ran into this bug! Our team is aware and looking into it. As soon as it is fixed, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, thanks for posting that workaround!

@craigsdennis @LWFlouisa

This bug has been fixed. You should now be able to use the ‘Clone from Git Repo’ option in the ‘New Project’ drop-down menu.

If it still does not work for you, please let us know!

Absolutely! Thanks for being prompt.

Edit; One observation, whether I get an error or not seems dependent on what browser I use. Ex. I tend to have inconsistent problems on Falkon, but things never seem to operate like they should in Brave.

I wonder if it be worth checking if others who use Brave have a similar experience of things not working. I would have thought it might be Falkons issue, but that’s the one where things are working.

Hi There,

You can try to do my method here

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I agree, but this error was something wrong with all the browsers, it was not a compatibility problem, I believe!