Unable to git clone

Hello I am having an issue figuring out what password to use for cloning a project to my local machine. Since I logon with oauth that forgoes the need for a password. The account I created for support didn’t require a password and I see no option to change a password. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you!

Is this a public or private project?

There’s not a nice way to get the token yet, but this post explains where it is: Possible to code locally and push to glitch with git?

Use the token as username, leaving the password blank

This is a private project. :slight_smile:

I cannot figure out how to properly push to a branch.

  1. git add .
  2. git commit -m “test push”
  3. git push origin master


Is there a specific way I will need to push to this or any other branch? Or perhaps a step I am missing?

Oh wait…
I probably don’t need to do a “git push” do I? Because I’m not pushing from local machine to remote machine. So I can just stop at “git commit”? Or, is there another step I need to do that is specific to glitch after the commit?

Thank you!

hi :slight_smile:

no Glitch-specific commands, git commit is enough :slight_smile:

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