Unable to purchase Glitch Pro subscription | Stripe outage?

Hi developers,

My Glitch Pro subscription recently expired. Some services I maintain rely on Glitch’s “always-on” feature to function and when they’re not on, it causes huge troubles for my user base.

When I attempted to re-purchase a Glitch Pro subscription today (monthly, $10), I received a generic error saying my card was declined and I needed to try again. I was desperate, so I tried again, and again, and again - using 5+ different cards and even Google Pay as a last resort. 50 attempts later, still nothing. At first, I thought this was a client-sided issue that could be resolved on my end, but now I’m starting to think it’s an outage on either Glitch’s or Stripe’s (payment processing service Glitch uses) end. If anyone else here is having this same issue or has had it in the past and would be willing to provide me with assistance, that would be very much appreciated. I’m considering reaching out to Glitch’s and Stripe’s support teams for assistance on this matter.

Thanks again.

Hi there - definitely email support@glitch.com. It’s likely your card and zip code may not have matched and then you got rate limited by Stripe. Email us and we can look into it.


Just did. Thanks Jenn. :heart:

Hi developers,

After one month of paying the pro subscription, I can’t pay anymore, I always get the “payment card was refused” (in french), I tried with my banc card, with the one of my girlfriend, and even with the one of my boss, I even tried with the google pay account of a friend, always the same message, is it a Stripe outage ? The website is down, it is a nightmare, I don’t know what to do, please help !

Hi there - email support@glitch.com and someone will be able to help out!

Dear Glitch,
Exactly the same thing is happening for me : I have been trying to pay for 3 days now using five different credit cards, nothing works !! Please help !!

Dear Glitch,
Same for me I just tried to pay today a pro subscription and it just says my card is refused

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