Unexpected outage August 3 08:28 UTC [Resolved]

We are investigating; please see status.glitch.com for further updates.

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Could it be that a mistake on my part caused this?
I dont really think so, because I assume you have protection against stuff like that, but i ran my discord bot with a censoring function but forgot to give him the necessairy permissions on the server, wich caused him to frantically try to delete and send the messege like he was supposed to but in a result of not being able to just repeating this very very often…
Idk maybe that overloaded the system :confused:
Im very sorry if that is the case pls no ban :sweat:

I already changed the bots token, just to make sure he cannot acces/be accessed to/by the code :sweat:

No, don’t worry - it’s something we did :sweat_smile:

Phew, bcuz the timing was very concerning :sweat_smile:

It looks like Glitch is coming back, all of my monitored projects have started working again.

Projects are coming back, but we are having residual problems related to the outage, and glitch.com itself is not back up yet. We’ll keep working on it.

It’s still possible for some users to access there projects and log in, if you go to https://glitch.com/edit, a new project will be created, and you’ll be sent to the editor. In the editor, you can log in and possibly access your own projects. This worked for me.

At this point, everything but a few projects should be working. I’ll be fixing those over the next hour or so.

Everything appears to be back to normal. Let us know if you see any problems.