Update Rustc & Cargo to v1.32.0?


Hiya Glitch,

I was excited to see that Rust is installed in the Glitch containers, and I was able to get https://glitch.com/~rust-web-server up and running. Yay!

There were some exciting announcements in the Rust 1.32.0 release today, and I was hoping to play with them, but it seems like the rust env in Glitch is from 7/2018:

I tried to use ‘rustup’ to bring the environment to tip, but it looks like it’s not presently installed (presumably because sudo access is needed?).

Could you please consider updating rust to either tip (1.32.0) or the 2018 stable release (1.31.0)?

Best wishes,


Hey Jude thanks for the heads up. I’ll make sure this gets on the list for the next image build.