Using a raspberry pi as a database

is it possible to use a raspberry pi 3B as a database? im trying to create a platform to upload projects but the disk size is too small so I thought that I could use my raspberry pi for 10GB of storage, would I have change any settings on my router or not?

Hi and welcome to the community, @SDFTDusername! I would suggest making your raspberry pi available to the internet with a server, and then connect the server’s IP to your website. For example:

Glitch project
> HTTP request (protected by token?)
Raspberry Pi (ip X.X.X.X)
> Upload file on storage
> returns file ID


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sorry but i don’t understand what you mean, do you mean like open a web server on my raspberry pi which sends requests to my website and the website’s server sends requests to my raspberry pi’s server?

No, I mean you have a raspberry pi web server (ngrok could be useful for that) and when you need to upload a file the website sends a request to the raspberry pi server that returns an ID.

Then, the website could exchange the ID with the file at any time by doing another server request.

(you can also use something simpler like having an airtable hosting the files - connected to the website via Airtable’s API)

ah i get it now, i’m going to store the smaller files on the smaller disk, and store the bigger files on my raspberry pi. thanks!

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