We have deleted everything

Hello I just created a bot Discord and all my files in my project Glitch was delete or reset I lost everything and I can not recover it I have to start all over again and my projet was well in private I do not understand those it’s passing

Was the project deleted? Or the files and folders in it?

EDIT: If all the files and folders were deleted, you should be able to recover it by rewinding your project. If the project was deleted, go to your profile > deleted projects and un-delete it.


Here is his but I did not understand your method

Press this icon, and drag the slider to the time when your project was deleted and hit rewind.

I try your methods and it does not work: /

Check out this tutorial by Glitch Official YouTube!

Hey @zeis974 normally what @anon43389526 mentioned would be a good way to handle it, but it’s possible your project got caught up in some problems caused by an AWS S3 problem a couple of days ago. Can you give us your project’s name and we can take a look?

Hello @cori the methods of @anon43389526 but nothing works, the name of my project is odium-bot thank for you help :slight_smile:

Hi @zeis974,

I restored the project to its (hopefully) valid state. Please let me know if it is working now :slight_smile:

Thanks to you all the nickel porejet really thank you you gave me back the smile :smiley: