We're resetting GitHub tokens for your Glitch accounts

Hey y’all we realized over the last day that we’ve been mistakenly been sending some GitHub tokens to a third-party logging service. We don’t believe there’s any risk to anyone’s account information but in an abundance of caution we’re resetting these tokens this morning. We don’t anticipate that you’ll see any serious issues, but in some cases you may wish to log out and back into Glitch with GitHub to regenerate the token on your account, and if you have the Editor open and attempt to import from GitHub you may need to refresh your browser window so the Editor realises you need to authenticate with GitHub again.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and as always if you run into any problems please let us know!


Can you tell me why is happened ahd how?

Would I need to re-login on the forums/support too?

@xXProGamerXx this shouldn’t impact your forum account in any way.

@AndreiJirohHaliliDev I can’t be terribly specific, but we use a third-party service to help us catch and fix bugs and problems that users encounter but that we don’t run into regularly. Even though we have no reason to believe that the external service was doing anything dicey with that data, sending it along was inappropriate and unnecessary, so we stopped sending it. We decided to reset the Glitch-specific tokens to ensure that anyone’s data that was exposed would no longer be useful.

Hope this helps!