We've got another Node deprecation update - Node < 12 on February 28, 2024

In our ongoing work to get updated versions of Node running on Glitch, we’ll be deprecating all Node versions prior to 12, six weeks from now, on February 28, 2024. If you were running an older version of Node, you probably already noticed us deprecating Node 8 and below back in December, and a lot of you fixed up your package.json files by switching over to Node 16: if you were one of these fine folks, the upcoming change shouldn’t affect you! However, if you haven’t updated your old Node projects yet, now is a great time to do so.

You can read more about which versions of Node are supported and which are deprecated over in our Node version doc, and if you have any questions or concerns, post them in this thread and we’ll be happy to answer and discuss!


Additionally - if your project does not have a Node version set in your package.json file, the default is currently Node 10. This will be changing to Node 12 on this date as part of this update. If you have any questions, throw them down below :arrow_down:

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I just recently noticed our Node.js 12 is 12.0. it had lots of point releases though. how did we end up with exactly the 12.0 version only? just curious


I don’t exactly recall! Either it was added when it was just 12.0.0 or someone took the request “add Node 12” as literally the initial Node 12.0.0 release.

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Howdy folks!

There’s a core dependency that we need to update before we can allow projects to use Node 12 greater than “.0”, but there’s a version conflict that we need to work out before we can make that update.

We expect that we’ll have this worked out in advance of or as part of this change, so when the time comes the new default will be the last point-release of the Node 12 line.


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noooo please forget I asked


Don’t worry, we’re still working towards getting us all on “a normal, current version of Node”. Resolving that dependency conflict is just part of that process, and will enable “12 dot not-zero” before it enables 20.