What can we do about bugged files with Éiîéé╠ïÉæσû║ A ver101 on them?

I(the one writing this) am trying to help out my friend with an issue he is experiencing. I haven’t been able to find anything online so I thought I would ask here. My friend ask this below:

“trying to recover games and files from the catastrophe that was replacing my computer and attempting to salvage files using the apparently bugged backup however now when i try to download or run files i end up with files that have this in the name and I don’t know how to fix the issue: Éiîéé╠ïÉæσû║ A ver101

I have my region locale set to japan as the text is japanese and the japanese text has been downloaded so I’m not sure what else to do from here.”

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Aside of offtopic discussion on this forum,

Neither the game that they downloaded is corrupted or something to do with localization in the computer.

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