When are custom domains coming back?

So I’ve been making a website, and I used to use glitch in late 2019, however when I came back a couple days ago, I bought premium to make my website and have it up 24/7. After that, I realized that static sites are now already on 24/7, but I was like premium should still be worth it because I can add my own custom domain, to which I realize I couldn’t (bummer). So now, I’m contemplating on whether I should use glitch in the first place, but I already bought premium and I already am half way through with my website, so it would be hard switching, which leads me to my question, when are custom domains coming back?

Hi @Jay_Kay - welcome! I don’t have an answer on when custom domains are coming back, but we do have a tutorial on how to set it up with a free Fastly account here: Community Testing: Glitch + Fastly TLS [Public] - Google Docs

This tutorial is part of our community testing program, so I encourage you to give all the feedback you can throw at us as we work towards bringing custom domains back in a way that’s more stable and easier to use.

serving domains through fastly is weird though. the first 2 are free, and the third is a “contact sales” situation

Only a very tiny minority of custom domain users on Glitch have more than 2, but regardless I have been doing discovery on how we can create a smoother experience with Glitch custom domains on Fastly (ie. not having to email and wait for me lol) as well as seeing if we can provide an easier way to add more domains. “More free domains” is absolutely not a promise I’m making, just an acknowledgement of what I’m advocating for due to feedback like yours!


I did notice something about getting $50 in free credits with free Fastly accounts. Wouldn’t this mean domains don’t really stay free to use or is this a yearly allowance in free credits?

I think it’s fair to say not many people own more than 2 domains, but in my particular use case I assign a lot of subdomains to projects, so multiple free domains would be super useful!

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The domains remain free, that $50 (one-time) credit is for testing out the Compute product.