White screen error whilst starting a new prjoect, editing one, or remixing one

I tried to start, remix, and edit projects, but it just gives a white screen & this error in the view source console;

SCRIPT1028: SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number

index.version.7f4c4888d1b0bd8c449b.js (58,27275)

Hi Blank1627, are you still having this issue?

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I have started using Chrome instead and it works just fine now, but windows edge was just not working for me.


Edge is not fully supported by Glitch. I recommend that you use chrome.

Thanks for your reply I already did that… do you all know when edge might be supported so if someone else asks I can give them accurate information?

We do officially support edge at version 16 and above, so we’ll look into this now. Thanks for the bug report!

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