Why my project is gone, or the editor doesn't load my files ? please help

Hello, i have a discord bot then i have problem with my files, its gone or something bug, or the editor doesn’t load my files
can someone fix it ?
My app status is currently OK

They are even vanished

i’ll ping @glitch_support! they’ll be able to help

Thanks, im new btw hehe
Do you have same problem with this ?

I had the same problem, I just rewinded my code to fix it

@LukaGamingDev I can’t rewind, even that files are vanished

Click on tools rewind and then drag the line backwards

@LukaGamingDev You might not believe dis one lmao
Even i using terminal to refresh it. it didnt work

Have you tried refreshing the page?

Ofc, it won’t help me, even i’m using terminal with command refresh,
it didn’t work

Its not only you

I also didn’t know dark theme existed until now

Xd you can make new post, chill, waiting for glitch support.

This is what i see if i open your project

Edit: when i look in console it says the server responded with 404 (for the favicon)

I don’t know, my files are exist in there

edit : i think

Thats not a lot, its only 2 megabytes that is used.

Edit: when trying to create a file it gives me an error

I have old version

edit : Yeah that’s error

Hi @raffypradest

I’m sorry your files disappeared.

I have restored your project to the latest backup and your files should be back :slight_smile:

Could you confirm and let us know?