Would using Glitch to make a web scanner be against the TOS?

Hello, I’d like to create a project that would scan the IPv4 space looking for websites that use Arc CDN for research. Is this against the TOS?

I reviewed Glitch’s legal page earlier and saw nothing prohibiting this.

I’m not sure.

I think it’s legal but the project can be removed if it abuses it.

Theoretically it’s okay as long as you’re not abusing the technical constraints of a project, but it’s hard to know if that would be the case until you start scanning. That being said, I honestly don’t think Glitch is a good platform for scanning such a large space - you may be better off running something like Zmap locally.


If you do end up doing this - if you can let me know the project name when you do a scan, we can keep an eye out for if it’s doing too much!

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Thats a good point. I have heard of software like Zmap/Zgrab and I’ll check it out more later.

Thanks! I’ll try my best to avoid doing too much, I won’t scan the whole internet in a day. I might do a few /8 blocks per day.

Yeah Zmap is cool - you can scan all of IPv4 in like an hour or so - probably less if you’re on gigabit internet!

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@RiversideRocks You probably know that Glitch doesn’t really like this forum being used as a point of contact for projects. Instead, you should provide an email or contact form.

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Ah good point, I really meant that people should DM me, let me edit that.

Edit: Fixed

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