503 Error, HyperDev not trying to launch project

This has been happening intermittently with one of my projects (platinum-raver). Sometimes I’ve been able to resurrect it by making a trivial update to package.json or switching to a different project and switching back again. But at the moment it seems stuck. I can edit it fine but the site itself returns this:

  status: "Error",
  statusCode: 503,
  statusDetail: "Waiting To Serve for platinum-raver: No service found running on port"

I don’t think it’s my code’s fault because it doesn’t even try to launch it – I see nothing in the Activity Log.

UPDATE: I remixed it as hazel-moon and that fixed it. So still a bug to investigate for y’all but no more urgency for me personally.

Thanks, glad to hear you were able to work around it. We’ll take a look a closer look.

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Hi @dreev!

Sorry for the trouble you’ve had with this project. I’ve noticed it failing to start in our logs, and looked into it further.

The only thing amiss that I’m seeing is an apparent typo in the package.json. When the project tries to launch, there are complaints in the logs about the testing statement being unexpected. Maybe take a look there and make sure everything is as expected? If it is, please let us know and we’ll troubleshoot further.

That’s actually me purposely adding a typo to try to force it to reload package.json. :slight_smile: So, yeah, symptom, not cause! (But conceivably I took what would’ve been a temporary problem and accidentally made it more permanent…)

But if so maybe that makes for a more reproducible bug to start with: {1. insert intentional typo in package.json; 2. expect error in Activity Log; 3. instead see totally blank Activity Log}

PS: I know it shouldn’t be necessary to add a typo, even just whitespace would do normally, but seeing nothing in Activity Log I was grasping at straws to wake it up.

Oh no! Now hazel-moon is exhibiting this behavior as well!

There were some other problems that immediately preceded it, which I submitted feedback about via the little “submit feedback” form. Hopefully some of that will be helpful. Basically it kept freezing the IDE, reloading wouldn’t help, and then it would come back in ~15m, presumably because that’s how often you automatically reboot the project’s container. But this last time it came back it was with the above problem – blank Activity Log and the “Show” button saying “Off”.

We did lose changes again but a huge improvement from before. This time the IDE would freeze (as in, say it’s trying to load the project but failing to do so) before letting us make more than a couple lines of edits. Before it seemed to allow editing for arbitrarily long without indication that the changes weren’t sticking. So hooray for progress!

In the meantime, should we remix the project again or can you give hazel-moon a swift kick for us?

Other projects are exhibiting this behaviour too - we’re looking into it. Sorry for the hassle.

Should be fixed now! We haven’t found the underlying cause of the trouble, though. We’re continuing to look into that, but for now, the app is back working. As is platinum-raver.

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Hi @dreev - per this update - we’ve put some fixes into HyperDev this evening that should help with the availability of the projects you’ve mentioned.

Thanks again.

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