A multiplayer drawing website

Project URL: https://florentine-real-ease.glitch.me/draw/

I created a multiplayer drawing website that uses a Discourse forum for authentication.


I decided to create this project because of this discussion.


I wanted users to be able to log in, but was too lazy to create my own account system, so I decided to make people be able to log in using https://amcforum.wiki (You’ll need an account there to try this, unfortunately). When a user opens a paage on the website, they are automatically logged in using DiscourseConnect, so in most cases, people won’t even notice if the server restarts and logs them out, because they’ll automatically get logged in agin.


Rather than having one nodejs webserver handle both authentication and drawing, I decided to use three nodejs webservers (two application webservers, one for handling urlencoded authentication responses), nginx (for a reverse proxy), and memcached (for express-session, so both application webservers could share session data). One application webserver handles authentication, and the other handles the drawing part.

Potential ways I could improve it

  • make past drawing data get replayed when someone opens the website

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to let me know!
Here’s the link to the project source, since @wh0 pointed out that it was missing:


Really cool! Is there any way to switch the pen color or to use an eraser?


Admins on the forum it uses for authentication can currently use any color they want (they have to manually send commands, though), but other than that, not currently.

Not yet! That might get added, though.


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