A slightly more reliable rust version of compute@edge

Project URL: https://clever-fallacious-oatmeal.glitch.me / https://clever-fallacious-oatmeal.edgecompute.app

Last year I shared Terrific Jumbled Lock, a rust version of the fastly-hello-compute project as part of the glitch+fastly beta. I’ve now rewritten it to make it significantly more reliable (i.e. it should now build successfully every time, rather than being pot luck), more up-to-date with the more recent changes to the base project, with more relevant instructions, and taking advantage of some nice rust features (i.e. rather than including a big chunky html string in our code, we can include_str! it from a separate html file).
Maybe someone other than me will find this useful, maybe not :slight_smile:

I’m still frankly amazed that the most recent stable release of rust continues to work on glitch without too much effort - it goes to show how well-designed the rust toolchain is.


Amazing, thanks so much for sharing this!

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