All content for glitch app (and history!) appears to gone

It’s been some months before I’ve last been on Glitch…perhaps over six months even? I just logged on because I wanted to add a new blog post to my long dormant blog. I noticed that not only does my blog app (which I was hosting as a boosted app on Glitch) appear to have nothing in it…but the entire history of the app is wiped too. What gives?!

The app is called luck-cafe and the blog was using Ghost.

Anyone know what could have happened? // If it’s possible to restore my content in such a case?

Could you try using the Rewind Feature?

I tried but it shows no history ever for the project! @aboutDavid It’s very strange…

You might wanna email then. Also, I would not recommend Glitch for a full on, long-term blog however.

OK, thank you.

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