Glitch is being down these days


I’ve been using Glitch for a really long time. I hosted more than 30 projects on and They have been never like this. It’s really hard to work in Glitch these days. around every day it’s off!. I am not here for complaining but Everyone and I want Glitch to be like before. I hope these problems being fixed soon.



@glitch_support Do you know what’s going on? What about lowering requests to 3500?

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nah they should lower requests to 50 so the performance is aWeSoMe

completely agree. I’ve been hosting all my projects at Glitch, but these last week or two it’s been impossible to do anything, edit, see, …

Please give us, at least, some info about what’s going on and fix this ASAP <3


Completely agree, the connectivity has issues, i wrote a mail to glitch and i guess they will look into it :slight_smile:

Take a look at this

Having the ability to host a very large amount of projects on rotating containers is part of what makes Glitch special. Recently, we’ve seen a significant growth in apps on the platform. In particular, there’s been an uptick in automated account and app creation; so if you see friends making projects that might be using an inordinate amount of resources, you can ask them to reach out to us at That way we can help them figure out how to create stuff without inadvertently causing any problems.


Make sure to check #service-updates for new updates They are fully aware and are working it
Here is the article that was in the Latest


How We’re Making Glitch More Reliable

Celebrating the makers, creators and coders who shine.

Here is a Quote for it that i think is the most inportant to NOTE:
To be clear: Until we get through these changes, you can expect there to be some instability from time to time. We’re sorry for the inconsistent experience, and are working as quickly as we can to fix this in a way that will last. In the meantime, here’s what you can do if you are experiencing instability:

  • Keep an eye on for updates. We’re making sure those updates are more timely and descriptive.
  • Send a message to if you find your projects still aren’t loading once an incident is resolved.
  • Avoid making changes to a project if you start to see reconnecting errors. Changes to your code are only reliably stored when that connection is working
  • For incidents going forward, we may temporarily block pinging services as an alternative to blocking traffic and shutting down projects, as we have done in the past. This will lower the impact on the community as a whole, but anyone still using pinging services will likely receive more notifications that their apps are down.

That last one they said will affect many people who use glitch for Hosting Discord bots

Glitch is having issues in these days now, due new users creating projects because glitch is a “popular” hosting for developers.

maybe 1000 is fine…

DevOps seems to be struggling.

It seems like glitch became popular last year according to google
but it’s not like you google glitch every time you access it.