All data and code from my project... Gone!


Hey everyone ! (sorry if my english isn’t very good)

I have a express project where all my data and my code is almost missing : it was ‘replace’ by one of my other express project.

I don’t know why this happened, the rewind button can rewind only the data from my other project, this is really weird !

If anyone as a solution or a idee of what should i do, like contact Glitch support on Twitter (idk something like this) that would be super cool !

Thanks !


Hey @RedLeGamin, if you can give us your project name we can take a closer look.


Hi cori !
My project name that got replaced is 'frozedbot'
The project that replaced ‘frozedbot’ is 'mdtfinder'

They are private projects right now but i can invite you or set them as public projects if this is needed.


Hey @RedLeGamin I’ve restored what I believe to be the correct backup from frozedbot’s latest code. Can you please check it and make sure everything looks ok?

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Yeah ! Everything is back as normal !
Thank you so much for your help, you were very quick, i really appreciate ! I was pretty scared xD