All of my posts are being flagged by the community! :(

Apparently all my update posts for Zarran are being flagged as spam! Is this because haven’t verified yet, or am I just not trustable? D:

NOTE: This is my “home account” for Oliver Mcloughlin.

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  • The Gallery should not be used to provide ongoing updates and support for the users of that app.


It’s being flagged by Akismet, Discourse’s plugin for spam detection. I think your formatting - having a bold heading and then a statement below it, and you repeatedly updating may be why it’s triggered. Next time it’s flagged as spam, don’t delete it - let it sit until I can moderate it and mark it as not spam. It will help Akismet get smarter!

Ahh! I expected that, but it did not make that clear- it said the community flagged my post, not Akismet. :sob:
Thank you for clarifying.

Seems strange, maybe we have an automated bot doing spam around here :eyes: