Always online using Google Appscript

Google Appscript request still makes project goes always online, i think google ip address not blocked from glitch. @glitch_support

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Moved this to #feature-ideas. I suppose Glitch could look into blocking all of Google’s IP blocks. (or at least all Google Cloud IP blocks)

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This is still pinging a project, you should avoid doing that!

Btw, Google Appscript looks cool, gonna try it!

Google appscript is JavaScript but eh :confused:

Like seriously everything is a function, but it’s still ok for most projects

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One thing I like about GoogleScript


By JavaScript CLIENTSIDE!!!

You could use ajax and you can’t really ping using it

Blocking Google Cloud IP can caused:

-> Some GS app wants to get APi respond from Glitch Project. But unfortunally, Glitch will throw it to 403 Page.

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