[HELP WANTED] My Project is Online for 12 Hour

Well, My project name is 9chat, And from now, It’s online for 12 Hour. After i check, Someone just Pinging my Project every 2 Minute (I’m not ping it, I swear god).

So, how to Stop it?

You could just remix the project and use that, and then archive the original one.

Or change the project name.

Well it’s idle now.

Let’s see tomorrow.

I recommend checking the user agent. If it doesn’t look legit, you could probably block it. Even better, get the IP then block that.

But the bad Thing is, We’re only get IP.

does Glitch have a way to do that?

The header

to get the IP? thanks. any thoughts on how to block it?

My only idea is that you would have to contact Glitch support and say “Hello, could you block {{ ip }} from my project?” so the team could block is via the proxy, but I don’t know if they accept such requests.

You could always do something like this

app.get("/*", async (req,res) =>{
var ip = req.headers['x-forwarded-for'] || req.connection.remoteAddress;
if(ip == banned_ip){
res.status(401).send("You are banned from this site").

I am guess that should do it. (Correct me if I am wrong but /* gets all endpoints.)

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I was thinking this would mean it wakes up your project, in order for it to decide to send back the ‘banned’ message.