An Important Note About Posting Projects


It’s so great to see so many new and regular faces in the community forum. As the senior support engineer at Glitch, it makes me so proud to see how passionate and helpful y’all are!

I wanted to post clarification about sharing projects and ideas in the forum. Lately, there have been many well-intentioned posts that could be considered spam.

To be clear, the following types of posts are not allowed in the forum:

  • Posts designed to advertise a “work in progress” (WIP)
  • Posts that are only about ideas for apps and not an actual app that has been created
  • Posts that are used mainly to recruit folks to join projects or other platforms.

The creativity in these posts are great, but they are not appropriate for this forum. The reason they are not appropriate is that they can distract from the main purpose of the forum, which is to help each other understand how to use Glitch. They can also make it harder for new users to navigate the forum and find quick answers to their questions.

You can continue to show off Glitch apps that you have created in the Gallery.
If you would like to advertise unfinished projects or ideas, please do this via another platform.

If you ever have a question about this, send me a message via our Help Center.