An Update From Glitch Support About Recent Incidents

Hey Friends!

We’re sorry that your projects have been affected by our downtime, and we understand why you would ask this question, so thanks to those of you who have reached out! We wanted to take a moment to address the recent incidents that have been happening on Glitch.

Having the ability to host a very large amount of projects on rotating containers is part of what makes Glitch special. Recently, we’ve seen a significant growth in apps on the platform. In particular, there’s been an uptick in automated account and app creation; so if you see friends making projects that might be using an inordinate amount of resources, you can ask them to reach out to us at That way we can help them figure out how to create stuff without inadvertently causing any problems.

The good news is our process for preventing similar incidents is moving in the right direction. We have a plan; and every day we get better at increasing the overall health of the platform. If you are interested, our new episode of our podcast, Shift Shift Forward is all about incident response. In the episode, you can hear engineers at Glitch talking about our response efforts. If you prefer reading over listening, check out this related post by one of our engineers on


Here’s some ideas for making things easier’s

  • Prompt users with Captcha’s upon project creation and account creation
  • Create 3 or 2 different types of containers. Overtime less popular and brand new projects can be put on slower containers
  • Archive old projects older than 6 months into tarxz. If a request is recieved unarchive them during loading.
  • Add a 3 color dot somewhere in the editor that shows the status fetched from

This is a good idea. Could keep the API for automatic creation but add authentication for approved institutions like schools.

That’s also an good idea. I heard school’s have this ids sometimes so for college students you can make them send a picture of their id.

Or lock down features to unverified students

This would be a good idea. Maybe put projects that have no been updated onto slower servers? Or send users an email? Not sure.

Verification is a very time consuming process. If you want student verification, an integration with the Github Student Pack is probably a great way to do it.


What if glitch did something as part of the student pack? Like more CPU and space


I don’t see any reason why a student would need more computing power or storage, afterall, 200 MB is more than enough for the average developer. Aren’t students also supposed to learn how to make optimized applications that doesn’t need 1GB to work? :joy:


I don’t like that comment :stuck_out_tongue: Rip my CLI tool


I just hope I could at least login and export my project to github. I just made major changes last night and was careless enough to not take a backup…

If your project is public I think you still should be able to download it via git, maybe?

Unfortunately its private

If you have your git access token you should still be able to download.

Never underestimate students, especially ones like @17lwinn and @Jonyk56. :rofl:


Underestimating them would be to expect them to use less space and memory. I mean, every developer wants their packages or programs to be as small and efficient as possible.

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erm… not the case for me, altho i do like efficiency a lot, we all do =P

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How come?  

Packages that take you 20 months to make… are extremely large, and I honestly, never cared, to minify any of the code which is now over 700mb

A package that uses 700MB of disk space? Are you insane? What does your package happen to do exactly?

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