Feature request: Chat/Comments

Adding a chat system will help with working with others / asking for help.

Yep! You’ve got my vote


Already have a glitch discord unofficial server https://discord.gg/bmkWTnQ

Perhaps, but some may not wish to use a discord server


OHH!! (Expression as it didnt allow me to post reply under 20 characters)
May I know why???

well, some people may not have or will not wish to bother setting up discord accounts and other things.

They may also want private messaging that is open-source and available to integrate on their projects.


Some people don’t like discord.
One more reason, One might ask for help, you join in order to offer your help
There is no way to communicate between the two of you.


@omar2205 what we need is something like Github issues

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This has also been requested some time ago

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Why don’t we just create a chat with socket.io?

has already been done


Then we should integrate it into glitch for testing with userScripts

Thanks, i’ve remixed and i’ll make it better.

I’m gonna put an attribution on the site

Well, I would if the license permitted me to do so

That does look nice. For a simpler chat: chapp.glitch.me by @NezbednikSK.

You know, for chat with a GIF keyboard and image uploading. Try https://protalk-beta.glitch.me/

Chatter question, how exactly do i chat?

I go into main room and i cannot register, change settings etc

Oops, @J-Tech-Foundation you gave us the unstable version, chatter.glitch.me is the one

I cant figure out how to use “ask for help” without this feature. Can anyone point me to directions on how “ask for help” is supposed to work?

(and here is my vote!)

Try https://geode-play.glitch.me/
It doesn’t need JS or frames, and is SUPER easy to embed.

Make a file called “TALK HERE” and chat in it.