Are people able to see deleted private projects with rewind feature?

Hello, when creating a repository, it gives me a random name, if I click in the rewind feature, I can see old code, from other people, that probably had the same name.

My question is, if my project is private, and I delete it, and someone creates a project with the same name as my previously deleted private project, will they be able to see my code and .env through the rewind feature?

EDIT: Just realized you can’t soft-delete anymore (?), so: if I archive my project, will people be able to see my code or create a project with the same name?

No, they can’t.

When you create a project, it is the same as remixing one of the three standard projects, so that code you are seeing with rewind is from the remixed project history.

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First of all, when you create a project, you are simply cloning another git repository.

Secondly, when remixing (or cloning) a project you get the commits of the project you’re cloning / remixing.

Thirdly, anyone who remixes a project can see commits of projects.

However, private projects cannot be remixed by other people without editing permissions.

Projects cannot have the same name as deleted or archived projects.

And for the fourth; .env and .data folder are ignored by git.


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