My Project got wiped (Needs reverting)

hey when i went on to my glitch project i noticed it has been replaces with text i have not put there
and i need it reverted back to a older version 5 days or a week would be fine if anyone could help me do this that will be amazing thank you

Did you try Rewind? @Malware

how do i rewind it?

im kinda new to glitch so i dont know much about it

Search rewind in the project’s searchbar.

Thank you! you saved my months of work
thank you so much god bless

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You’re welcome! Be sure to use that whenever you need it!

Be sure to backup your working to a third-party website like github. Glitch can be a bit unstable at times.

Yes. We all should do this and run a backup on github pages or netlify

Or just on github. Most projects could not run on Netlify or GitHub pages.

If next time you can’t rewind it, just contact gltich at :slight_smile:

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Rewind your project or contact glitch support ( to revert your made changes.