Autocompletion and linting?

I’m pretty new to glitch and so far I’m a big fan of how light the editor is, however I can’t help but feel that the missing autocompletion and linting errors I would get from a local editor make it a lot more difficult to use it.

The VSCode extention looked pretty cool, but as that’s been deprecated I’m wondering if there’s an inbetween solution?

Is there any way to get the Glitch editor to highlight possible errors or autocomplete variables from the same file I’ve got open?

Hi @lpetrucci

Welcome to Glitch!

I’m sorry that code linting and autocomplete is not working for you in the editor!

The editor should parse the code and highlight errors by displaying a red dot next to the line of code containing the error. It should also autocomplete most tags.

Do you have an example project where this is not working? If so, can you tell us the project name?

Alternatively, you can send us a support request with this information and we will do our best to help you further.

I’ve been working off a Vite/Typescript/React template:

Should the above autocomplete to console.log(test)?

I’m using Brave, also tested with Firefox.


If I don’t complete it also doesn’t throw an error until I go into the terminal and run the Typescript compiler.

(Sorry for the double post, I can only attach one image per post)

Thanks for taking the time to provide those screenshots! It’s very helpful.

Right now our autocomplete feature doesn’t go beyond providing the closing tags. Since you are looking for a more sophisticated autocomplete feature, I am moving your post to the Feature Ideas section of the forum. It’s a fair request and we hope that in the future this might be something that we offer.

If it does become available, we will definitely make a site announcement.


Thank you for the information, I hadn’t realized that was the case!

Any idea why errors aren’t highlited in the editor?

Thanks for your response! Just so I am understanding correctly…

  • Does the error show in the editor with a red dot next to the code line after you run the Typescript compiler?
  • Or does the error only show in the terminal after the compiler is run?

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