Before you post

I have been on the forums recently and have noticed that many posts fall into these catagories.

  1. My project was suspended.
    Not to fear! You can appeal and/or get information on why your project was suspended by sending an email to

  2. My project is getting DDoSsed.
    You can use a service such as Cloudfare, which is free and will protect your project from being attacked like this.

  3. A part of Glitch is down.
    You should probably check Glitch Status. This has lots of information such as API response time, API uptime, and support forum uptime.

Happy Glitching!


would it be okay if i was to post status reports on gogs? like when the site is down

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Yes, I think @glitch_support has no problem, especially if there are Gogs users on Glitch.


I mean these are not rules or anything, they are just some tips.

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