Big problem with code


my Discord.js bot has a big problem with file coding. All JavaScript files have very weird coding and the project is still reconnecting. I have a backup, but it is old. And please, recover my code.

Hey @MaTY,

You can contact Glitch at and they can restore your project from its last backup. Do not edit your project any further as it could overwrite the existing backups of your project.


Thanks for the reply! And yes, I wrote on the email already.

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I have the same problem! My project is showing just dots in the editor. I can’t access the project in browser or in the Glitch Console.
I really hope there won’t be any data loss because I’ve worked on this project for 2 years.
I’ve contacted the Glitch Support through e-mail already and waiting for response.

Hi there @MaTY and @mariolatiffathy!
Usually, Glitch Support take around 24 hours to get back to you. However this can sometimes take longer depending on how many people they are trying to help. Please allow 24-48 hours. Remember it is around 07:37 now in New York, so they’ve only just got into the office, so give them time :slight_smile:

Hope you get your projects back



I understand that. The Glitch support is already really awesome to do that as free support. Also thanks for mentioning the support’s time zone because I didn’t really know it before.


Thank you everyone for the support! :smiley:

I didn’t get this solved today and I guess I will have to wait for Monday due to the weekend.
The support asked me to fill a form to retrive a backup of my project, I’ve replied back like 6 hours ago but they didn’t reply anymore.
Did you get yours fixed?

I never got asked to fill a form. I guess they have changed the way they handle backup requests due to the higher volume of requests now. I would just give some time. For example, Tasha helped me get my backup back after hours. Like it was 15-30 minutes after closing.