Glitch project progress lost!

Glitch :・゚✧ this project just lost my last 12(if i recall correctly) hours, which was alot of work that i had done, there was no warning saying ‘oh no, your code isnt being saved’ not to mention it was updating the server with the code, it shows no rewind or anything like that so i do not know what happened to the code, anyone able to help?

Hey @RanarTheWrathful I’m really sorry to hear this! Can you give us any more information about what was lost and when that we can reference while we take a look?

As mentioned elsewhere the project hosts are under a bit of duress right now, but even so this is unexpected and troubling.

Really sorry for the bother;

It’s not a bother if you are trying to help, what i lost was some stuff i edited and multiple exports.Highlord named objects that i created, the code was in definitions.js.
It was about 6 AM to around 9AM(I am not 100% on this).

No one helped, so I’ll just code it all again.

This also happened to me with my project ~codejam-glitchy-bubbles. Rewind feature shows nothing. A ticket to support has been submitted (ticket it: 750426).