Boosted App is Not Only Sleeping, But Won't Wake

Boosted App is Not Only Sleeping, But Won’t Wake

Gltich is currently down right now. You can check for updates!


Thanks but viewing their status report is not the same as unique “Feedback” I am providing. Thanks for your enthusiastic reply.

If you would like to get right to the glitch team, is your best bet.

ah! Sorry for that. Im not sure…

engineering QA

I am aware of the support email.

Note that this category is officially designated for:
“Use this forum category to post bug reports, and feedback about our existing features!”

My post is regarding feedback about existing features.

You may ask yourself, hmm…

Q: Why have a forum category for feedback when people can simply use the support email?

A: Because forum feedback informs the entire community not simply the support team.

The #feedback category exists for the reason you explained.

However, staff often do not often respond to feedback posts (as there are not that many staff on the forum) and the support email is recommended for more urgent requests such as a boosted app not working.

My hub is offline now?

My project is up now. These discussions are crucial to informing our community of design / deployment related details so that we may all grow together. Selah.

Errors might cause this, though.