Why Glitch! Why?

Why was using ping services banned? Most of them were free so they were’nt stealing your customers. Please explain this to me, do you know how many discord bots and web apps went down? I was going to buy Glitch Boosted Apps but if you’re going to pull stuff like this - not anymore.


Once I receive notice that the block has been lifted, I will post an update.

It was a temporary. They said this before too, during incidents they will block pinging services to lighten server load.


If you did that, you wouldn’t need to use pinging services since you could use always awake.


Ya this stuff won’t effect boosted, so go on and by boosted.


hey what is the problem with banning ping services for you guys? How about jsut making an own ping services that calls a GET on your website every 2 minutes and one or more services that ping those services back every 2 minutes? I have such a thing set up for my projects and this change did not affect me in the slightest…


Maybe off-topic, but do they just temp-ban certain glitch projects from pinging or they have some other method of blocking?

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I think they just ban HTTP requests from certain services or sites like uptimerobot or Cula.io. They can’t know if a certain request made from a site is for pinging purposes unless they really dont like pinging services and apply some more strict logic and methods. If you need to keep your project awake make a pinging service yourself its as easy as setting up a loop and sending a request every x minutes. No idea whats the big deal about it…

But in the end I really dislike how the service of Glitch has downgraded over the past 2 years. It has gone to [edited] lately with all those downtimes and such things. I am moving my important projects to AWS now because Glitch is just so unreliable and there was so much downtime, discord bots being blocked and other things, it’s not funny anymore and I lost any hope they will fix it because the situation ahsnt changed for half a year now in that regard. It has just gotten worse

im gonna think about moving to azure… if i had a phone number (i don’t)

Big box cloud providers are very expensive. I’d recommend you look around for low cost VPS’ as you can usually find a good deal on them.

Glitch is nothing like it used to be.


In October Glitch was my favourite thing since Thimble. Now, it’s not as good. The first project I ever made was http://pastoral-panama.glitch.me/ but I wasn’t using UptimeRobot. Now, I can’t get in!

I totally agree with this.

I think Glitch is just too good of a free service. 20 websites online 24/7 that can run really any language? Its a bit too good.


I think Glitch should start limiting some of the stuff, but not too much, to reduce the chance of down time. They definitely should add Capcha thing before creating account and before creating a new project or remixing one.


we need that, trust me we need CAPCHA


…for spammers


Glitch for the most part only allows logins via google and github so they likely already have anti-spam in place.

yeah, but for new projects?

Yeah but people can easily write a spam program to create hundreds of projects in couple of seconds. So most likely they should add CAPCHA before creating project or remixing a project. (Client Side JS spam code)

For spammers the sign in is easy because to make 100s of projects you just need one account. There isn’t a limit or captcha once you get in.


Rate limit on the project creation api should also be enforced