Slide Bar Request after files

It would be really helpful if Glitch could add a sliding bar next to the files to navigate more easily when someone is on a laptop with touchpad or maybe even with phones!

Interesting idea … can you draw what it would look like? :slight_smile: :paintbrush:

i could make a drawing of this, i think i know what he means

Is it possible to add scrollbars on phones? If yes, we could add an overflow-x: scroll CSS property for the file tree.

Oh that’s an interesting idea. Is the file window adjustable by the user in mobile? We could set max-width to be whatever value they’ve adjusted it to be. I sooooooo wish we had access to the editor via open source! I’ve been itching to fix some of those buttons that overflow :joy: but I get that they probably can’t open source it for security reasons

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Can’t we try remixing the Glitch editor?

EDIT: I tried adding overflow-x: scroll through the Inspect Element option in Google Chrome, but I only got the scrollbar container, no scrollbar thumb.

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I could be wrong, but I don’t think the Glitch editor is a Glitch project? I poked around in the community site open source code, and it looks like there’s a redirect that happens under the hood when you’re viewing a page with the editor vs viewing something on the community site itself

Hm…it probably means that those strings are programmatically shortened (i.e., maybe they aren’t exceeding the width of the container, so there’s no scrollbar.) They also could have hidden the scrollbar w CSS. You could try editing those strings in the inspector to see if it shows a scrollbar then!

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Any idea where the redirect happens? Is it accessible as a project? I think it’s within Glitch, because I can see the .prettier files.

EDIT: Somebody HELP, because there are a loooot of files. At least, where are the files related to the styling of the project file tree in the Glitch editor?

Haha that’s where I got lost too!! I hope you’re right, that would be great. @Johnicholas do you know if this is something we can access via open-source or the community site project?

Ok! :relieved: I can’t remix the Glitch community site either, because it’s exceeding the normal project memory capacity.

No, the Glitch Editor ( is not part of the Glitch Community site (, and it is not open-source.

I’ll look into whether the filetree styling on mobile is intended, or a regression.


To make myself clear. The bar shall be to navigate through the files and not to see the entire name of a file.

Sorry for my bad drawing.

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@TehPig_YT, unless I’m wrong, you can scroll through the project directory on mobile!

Even if you can on mobile, it’s not possible on laptops that use a mouse pad,

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