Can I host with uptimerobot my bot 24/7?

Can I host with uptimerobot my bot 24/7?

Yes, you can. (See the technical restrictions for details) However, UptimeRobot hasn’t been working great at the moment so I recommend using a service like Statify or Awake!

UptimeRobot is having issues with it’s pinging service. Use Awake! or other pinging services (like Freshping) that pinging your project in 5/10 seconds. Awake! pings your project at every 60 seconds.

Do you know when updatetime robot back?

I think Glitch IP-banned uptime robot. You should try another pinging server like @SplitXPlayZ said.

Okay, it’s free or need pay for it?

Its free thanks to @charliea21!

and it’s good?
and bot online 24/7?

I believe that it pings every minute.

Okay, it’s tell when bot online or offline?

It will not tell you if its online or offline, but it should stay online for most of the day

okay.uptimerobot not working anymore?

Yes, it no longer works for Glitch.

okay thanks for the help